No 2(116) (2012)

Table of Contents


Reorganization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Ministry of Public Order in the mid 50's - early 60-ies of XX century: political and legal analysis PDF (Українська)
Oleg Beznosuck 83-86
Journalistic education in Ukraine in the 90 years of the twentieth century PDF (Українська)
Valeriy Gaydamaka 86-90
Cultural and enlightenmental activities of Ivan Naumovych (1880-ies) PDF (Українська)
Vasyl Herun 90-95
International co-operation of the internal affairs of Ukraine for the preparation of safety and security during the European football championship euro-2012 PDF (Українська)
Yevgen Zozulia 95-100
Polish question in a representative of organizations (1914-1916) PDF (Українська)
Uliana Klymiuk 100-106
Development of travel and tours planned tourist routes to Prykarpattya in 60-70s of the Twentieth Century PDF (Українська)
Ruslan Kotenko 106-111
Emergence and problems of implementation of a concept of European Union citizenship (1957-2004) PDF (Українська)
Iryna Lazneva 111-115
Formation of the military security of Аzerbaijan and its military organization in post-soviet period PDF (Українська)
Bogdan Levyk 115-121
Ivan Borkovskyi and Ukrainian scientific world of Prague PDF (Українська)
Yaroslav Levkun 121-126
Practice of the second conviction for counter-revolutionary crimes in activity of organs of state security of the USSR on the Donetsk area PDF (Українська)
Olena Luhova 127-129
The activity of private publishing houses of USSR in of the 20th of XX century PDF (Українська)
Valentyna Molotkina 130-133
Methods of the social adjusting in the industrial districts of Ukraine in 1917-1920 PDF (Українська)
Viacheslav Popov 134-138
Development of the foundations of a new agricultural policy of the Russian empire the special meeting the needs of agricultural industry PDF (Українська)
Zinaida Svyaschenko 138-142
Lonhyn Tsehelskyy and its state activities during 1918 - 1919 PDF (Українська)
Oksana Semyanyk 143-147


Notions and their referents: context of religious study PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Voloshyn 147-151
Ecological deontology at the interior of the Postmodern PDF (Українська)
Andriy Matviychuk 151-156
New religious movements and methodology of expansion PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Pashkovskyy 156-159
The problem of the parity of belief and mind, philosophy and divinity in works of S. S. Glagolev PDF (Українська)
Igor Pecheranskyy 160-164
The alchemy and natural philosophical knowledge in the mental and geopolitical space of the XV - XVII centuries Eastern Europe PDF (Українська)
Kostiantyn Rodyhin, Mykhailo Rodyhin 164-172
Ideological forms of existence of ukrainian ethnos: setting of the problem PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Fed 173-176


The idea of "sustainable development": the realities and challenges and find new doctrine PDF (Українська)
Mykola Bilopolsky 3-5
Conceptual approaches to the determination of essence of business reputation of enterprise PDF (Українська)
Serhiy Berezhnyy 6-11
The forming and developing of the market of internal passenger air transportations in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Petro Borysenko 11-16
Perspectives of innovation development of industrial enterprises PDF (Українська)
Yaroslava Vaskovska 17-20
Political behavior research as a factor of development of the regional social systems PDF (Українська)
Andriy Holod 20-24
The role of the normalization of labor in evaluation of human capital in the structure of labor building PDF (Українська)
Valeriy Kovalyov, Olena Atayeva, Valeriy Frolov 25-29
Budgeting structural units of mining and metallurgical holding PDF (Українська)
Valeriya Kolosok 29-35
Facilitating mechanism of home enterprises earning power PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Krylenko 35-40
Forming of national model of corporate social responsibility PDF (Українська)
Mykhailo Kuzheliev 40-44
Assessing the level of corporate social responsibility of enterprises in the management resources of the Pension Fund of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Natalia Ohorodnikova 44-48
Materials management industrial enterprises PDF (Українська)
Nadiya Selezniova 49-53
Budget expenditures risk management as a priority budget management reform in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Maryna Stepura, Hanna Kotina 53-60
Strategic card of the stimulation of social and economic development of the region PDF (Українська)
Victoria Tretyak, Olena Nedobeha 60-63
Technology of economic diagnostics of development of industrial enterprise PDF (Українська)
Igor Filipishyn 63-69
Management credit risks of financial mediator PDF (Українська)
Andriy Khimchenko, Olena Korshunova 69-74
Management motivation of staff PDF (Українська)
Olga Churyumova 75-78
Analysis of key trends in the development of innovative potential of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Yakymenko 79-83