Publication Frequency

From 2022, the “Skhid” journal changes its frequency of publication. Henceforward, there will be four thematic issues a year, which correspond to the main topic and focus of our journal.

Issue 1Complex Problems of Historical Memory in Philosophical and Historical Interpretations(manuscripts are accepted until March 1st, approximate date of publication – end of March 2022)

Issue 2Social Stability & Social Uncertainty: From History to Politics(manuscripts are accepted until June 1st, indicative publication date – end of June 2022)

Issue 3Information Age, Network Society and New Forms of Identity(manuscripts are accepted until September 1st, approximate date of publication – end of September 2022)

Issue 4 “Religious Factor in the Social Transformations of Today” (manuscripts are accepted until December 1st, approximate date of publication – end of December 2022)

Formation of issues: Articles are accepted constantly. Materials that have successfully passed the peer-review stage and received a positive review of experts are accepted for publication. 

Each issue is approved by the Academic Council of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. All files are archived and stored in National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadsky Kyiv, Ukraine.