Important information for “Skhid” journal authors


NEW PUBLICATION SHEDULE of HISTORICAL SCIENCES topical series is approved on 2018 year:

№ 4 (156) July-August (articles will be accepted until September, 10, 2018, release date - the end of September, 2018)

№ 6 (158) November-December (articles will be accepted until the end of December, release date- January, 2019)

- Order No. 1021 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, dd. 07.10.2015, Annex 11 about inclusion of the journal to the List of Scientific professional editions of Ukraine remains in effect.

- an information in international scientific editions’ catalogues and scientific databases, where the journal is included into, is being renewed until the end of July, 2018. 

- co-founders accepted a decision to increase an amount of English-language content to 50%.


Article application procedure did not change. To be published authors must send to editorial on e-mail or upload to the site the following materials:

  1. electronic information about the author;
  2. the article;
  3. author’s abstract of the article in English (the author’s abstract should include: surname and name of the author, rank or position, place of work or study, the article’s title, abstract of the article of at least 1800 words).