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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • This submission has not previously been published and was not sent to the editorial boards of other journals (or the comments for the editor below are necessary explanations).
  • The submission file is a document in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF or WordPerfect format.
  • Internet links in the text are accompanied by complete correct URLs.
  • The text meets the requirements for stylistics and bibliography set forth in the Manual for authors of the section "About the Journal".
  • If the material is submitted to the peer-reviewed section of the magazine, the Blind Review Guaranty's instructions were executed when filing the submission file.

Author Guidelines

1. Requirements for the text of the article

  • - Font – Arial
  • - Font size – 9
  • - Line spacing – 1
  • - Page fields – 20 mm
  • - Recommended number of words – 4,000-6,000 (metadata + text)
  • - Language of the article: English


2. Structure of the article


N. Surname, N. Surname…. In English


N.P. Surname, N.P. Surname …. In Ukrainian

Abstract in English (1800 – 2500 characters)

Key words in English (7-8)

Abstract in Ukrainian (1800 – 2500 characters)

Key words in Ukrainian (7-8)


1. Introduction, which includes the analysis of literature sources and problem statement, purpose and tasks of the research

2. Methods of the research

3. Results of the research (here is disclosed the essence of author’s research) 

4. Discussion of the results (the author’s reasoning and argumentation with references to the authoritative sources)

5. Conclusions

6. Gratitude (If there is any)




Information about the authors in Ukrainian 

Information about the authors in English 

The address ofNova Poshtapost office and phone number for sending the journal (sending of printed issues is carried out at the expense of the author)

Example of the article (


3. Requirements for the title of the article

  • - No more than 10 words
  • - No abbreviations
  • - Strictly matches the content of the article


4. Requirements for the formatting of references in text

  • Bibliographic references in the text must be formatted in the following way: (Campbell, 1997) or (Campbell, 1997: 253), or Campbell (1997)
  • - Bibliographic references must be listed according to the mention in the text
  • - In the text there must be bibliographic references to all sources given in the list of used literature


5. Requirements for the formatting of the list of used literature

  • - Sources are formatted according to National Standard of Ukraine 8302:2015
  • - There must be at least 10 sources
  • - There must be at least 40% of foreign sources in the list
  • - Percentage of self-citation must be no more than 30% (if You used 10 references, no more than 3 of them should be references on Your works)


6. Requirements for the reference list in english

  • - Reference list formatted in article’s language must be transliterated:

-     Transliteration of Cyrillic (Ukrainian language) in Latin is made according to the Order of the Cabinet of Ministry No. 55, dd 27.01.2010 «About the organization of the transliteration of Ukrainian alphabet in Latin»;

-     Transliteration of Cyrillic (Russian language) in Latin can be made for free using the transliteration site

  • - References in reference list must be formatted according to the АРА Style 


7. Requirements for the information on the authors 

  • For each of the authors
  • - Full name
  • - Scientific degree, academic title
  • - Department
  • - Higher education institution
  • - Higher education institution’s address
  • - Е-mail
  • - Contact phone number
  • - ORCID number (necessarily!)

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose.

The editor-in-chief of the journal, members and staff of the editorial board should not disclose information about the manuscripts submitted to anyone other than the author, reviewers, potential reviewers, and the publisher.