To the question of "Reload" of Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees at Bermuda Conference (19-30 April 1943)




FDR, political refugees, Jews, IGCR, Bermuda conference, German persecutions


Given article is dedicated to the discussion between two world powers and allies - Great Britain and the United States of America on matter of Political refugees in Europe. Especially, it portrays mutual dialogue it the format of Bermuda conference which took place on 19-30th April of 1943 in Hamilton (Bermuda island).

Originally initiated by the British establishment it aimed to revive the activities of the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees (IGCR), it also appeared possible due to successful warfront fight with Nazis and pressure from the American and British NGO’s which seek any form of relief to unfortunate refugees of Jewish origin and save them from the extermination.

Both delegations were formed with technocrats, professors and intellectuals who were able to find concrete solutions to the urgent problem and actualize its international status. It was also highlighted that it was the matter of high importance for F. Roosevelt and American State Department as Mr. Secretary Gordon Hull was in constant control of the process of the negotiations.

Article reveals concrete results and the outcome of the Bermuda Conference which renewed activities of the IGCR in 1943, added allied state-members, assigned additional funds on Committee’s program goals, defined subjects for assistance – besides Jewish refugees it highlighted problems of Polish refugees in Iran, Greeks on Cyprus, creation of relief centers for the refugees in Northern Africa.

Author Biography

Volodymyr Yushkevych, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Postdoctoral program student


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