Construction of an organizational structure control system of the industrial enterprise


  • Antonina Shostakovska Donetsk Institute of Internal Affairs, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine



control system, organizational structure, industrial enterprise, information flows, information technologies, production process, management


The article is devoted to the scientific and methodical approach to the construction of the organizational structure of the control system of the industrial enterprise, which takes into account the current trends in the development of industry and the need for the transition of Ukrainian industrial enterprises to the sixth technological way.

The main components of this approach are:

1) the identification of the primary and secondary levels of control in order to monitor the course of business processes in the middle of the enterprise and in the external environment (in the area of its operation);

2) separation of the control of aggregated business processes by directions: control of operational and tactical management and control of strategic management;

3) analysis of information flows of the organizational structure of the control system of the industrial enterprise by the defined control points, which are: a system for collecting technical information through the IoT; system of management and accounting; unstructured data monitoring system; BigData processing system; system of exchange and representation of data.

Due to the definition of the main areas of environmental control to ensure the competitiveness of the industrial enterprise and the establishment of interconnections between the divisions of the industrial enterprise in the implementation of internal control, a system for controlling the development of an industrial enterprise at all levels of management can be created.

Author Biography

Antonina Shostakovska, Donetsk Institute of Internal Affairs, Kryvyi Rih



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