Ecumenical hermeneutics of Jacques Waardenburg




Christian-Muslim dialogue, religious tolerance, postmodern theology, liberal Islam


The article deals with the project ecumenical hermeneutics proposed modern Catholic theologian and philosopher of religion Jacques Waardenburg. We have the prospects of dialogue between Muslims and Christians associated with the development of theology postmodern era, which uses the principles of modern philosophical hermeneutics. At the beginning of the XXI century there has been progress regarding understanding the prophetic ministry of participants in inter-religious dialogue. Seek to identify projects of common understanding of the Word of God, manifested in various sacred books. A new hermeneutics, where Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the three elements of the complex structure of a single monotheistic worldview. At the beginning of the XXI century more attention to the relationship of the believer with God, perception of beauty in the world, which is a reflection of God's love for his creation. Important aspects of the dialogue are the recognition of the principles of human dignity, religious freedom, plurality of paths to God.

Author Biography

Anatoliy Raychinets, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Kyiv

Competitor of the Department of Cultural Studies


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