Underground anti-Soviet activities of students of National University 'Lviv Politekhnika' over the first postwar years (1944-1953)





Lviv Polytechnic Institute, National University 'Lviv Politekhnika', Politekhnika students, years 1944-1953, anti-Soviet student underground in Lviv


The author traces some forms of underground anti-Soviet activities of students of the Lviv Polytechnic Institute, currently the National University 'Lviv Politekhnika'. The rest of Lviv higher education establishments were also engaged in such activities. The research is based on scientific studies, recollections, archive materials and records of the Ukrainian Rebel Army, which cover the period of 1944-1953. The paper is timed to the bicentenary of the Lviv Politekhnika foundation and aims to demonstrate fortitude of Ukrainian spirit of young people who sought after their independent Ukrainian state.

A list of Politekhnika students is given, who displayed their bravery in individual anti-Soviet actions, as well as some underground independent student organizations and representatives of the national underground which considered youth development its priority since 1948 are indicated. 

Anti-Soviet activities of the student milieu included the making of politically focused leaflets and their distribution among city-folk and at higher education establishments. Despite a small time of underground activities because of frequent arrests, Lviv students continued their work up to 1953. All detected members of clandestine organizations were sentenced by the Military Tribunal of the Ministry for State Security to the terms of 10 - 25 years in correctional labor camps of the GULAG. Some of the released returned to their native land and managed to get across their viewpoint and motivation of their actions over the above period to new generations. 

Author Biography

Bogdan Levyk, National University 'Lviv Politekhnika'

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Assistant Professor


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