Theoretical foundations, condition and practice of development of payment systems in Ukraine


  • Volodymyr Chernomor Banking University, Kyiv, Ukraine



payment systems, development of payment systems, principles of payment systems, large-value payment systems, card payment systems, electronic money, express money transfers system


In modern conditions payment systems have an important role in the economy, as they must provide effective economic means of payments. Accordingly, the development of payment systems in Ukraine appears as a relevant theoretical and practical problem.

In the article the theoretical basis and features of payment systems in Ukraine were researched. Preconditions of systemically important payment systems development been analyzed, which are performed by the key principles of their organization and functioning. Realization of principles of systemically important payment systems in Ukraine was investigated. The key principles of operation and functioning and their implementation in retail payment systems were determining, such as providing competitive services, security payments from outside interference, territorial and temporal availability, profitability of participation in the payment system, consumer protection, instant calculation of account balance, instant currency conversion and minimize currency risk.

Recommendations for improving the procedures for conversion of currencies in the international card payment systems were provided in order to reduce currency risks for end-users and issuing banks, such as introducing restrictions on the period of submission for payment of international trade, as well prohibit use of trade-service enterprises for currency conversion their own exchange rates. The necessity of legislative regulation of the size of interchange fee in card payment systems to create more favorable conditions for the spread of retail electronic payment was determined as well as removal of legal restrictions on the issuance and use of electronic money and foreign exchange restrictions in order to create the conditions for international payment systems based on electronic money to enter the Ukrainian payment market.

Author Biography

Volodymyr Chernomor, Banking University, Kyiv

Postgraduate student


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