First industrial centers of oil production in the Eastern Carpathians




Eastern Carpathians, oil, kerosene oil lamp, XV-XVII centuries


We describe the historical process of establishment and development of the first industrial centers of oil production in the Eastern Carpathians. Oil in Europe starts only in the late Middle Ages (XV-XVII century) based on deposits of the Eastern and Southern Carpathians. The first step, which formed a large-scale oil needs was the invention of kerosene and kerosene lamps for lighting fixtures homes and streets changed significantly for the better life of the people. Technology first distillation and chemical treatment of crude oil was developed in1853 inLviv chemists and pharmacists Johann Zeg and Ignatius Lukasevych. Numerous oil fields on the territory of Ukraine, Poland and Romania in central Europe had the shortest route to European consumers, new requirements form the use of oil and were kind of testing ground for the introduction of new technological ideas and scientific developments.

Author Biographies

Volodymyr Biletsky, Poltava National Technical University

Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Gennadiy Gayko, National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'

Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Piotr Saluga, AGH University of Science and Technology



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