Lviv garrison role at educational life of the city (1921-1939)




Lviv garrison, education, illiteracy, military elementary schools, military library


The article is devoted to the research of the role and place of the Lviv garrison in the educational life of the city during the interwar period. High level of illiteracy among recruited soldiers, which in the early 1920s in places reached 70-80% prompted to the implementation of educational activities in the units of the Lviv garrison. Educational activities in the units were carried out in the form of primary soldiers' schools mainly. The program of such schools is analyzed in the article, the first class of a secondary school was tilled and it was called upon to teach a serviceman read, write in Polish and count. In addition, the article reveals problems of upbringing work in soldier's schools, which was assigned much of the time. Questions of officers' upbringing influence to recruits which was conducted by lectures and discussions and considerably contributed to polonization and assimilation citizens of national minority has been disclosed. In addition to the base knowledge in units recruits were trained to further social life, getting important social and professional skills. The garrison held a variety of both humanitarian and practical courses, which were designed to improve the professional level of servicemen, to give them a certain civilian specialty.

Particular attention is paid to the network of military libraries in Lviv, which contributed to the development of education in the city. It included district and and assistant "educational" libraries for sergeants and privates.

Conducted research proves high influence of educational process in garrison to general education population and a significant role of military libraries in supporting this process.

Author Biography

Andrii Shchehlov, Hetman Petro Sahaidachny National Army Academy

graduate student


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