Evaluation of process provide economic security of business entities by qualimetric method





economic security, business entities, Qualimetry, model, evaluation components of the process to ensure the economic security of business entities


The basis of the economic power of the state is the stability of the existence of each business entity by ensuring their economic security. Today, the successful management of the enterprise for progressive development requires new forms and methods of evaluation team activities, the quality of the results of labor, production checks and social processes, which are expressed often in qualitative characteristics.

The method for evaluation process to ensure the economic security of any object of economic activity by qualimetry was introduced in article. Proposed method is based on expert opinion.

Determined algorithm for use this method (identified the main activities, account the part of process) and possible for use.

The proposed qualimetric model of evaluation the process to ensure the economic security for object of economic activity, allows determine and quantify shortcomings in the work of the enterprise, detect way to improve process to ensure the economic security of any object of economic activity by adequate amount of management solutions, make conclusion in dynamics of this process, to have a possibility to compare work results of different object of economic activity.

The method facilitates the adoption of adequate administrative decisions, with further assessment of objectives achievements.

Author Biography

Mykhailo Peresypkin, O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv

postgraduate student


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