Protectionist policy in transition economies




protectionism, protectionist policy, transition economy, individual protectionism, collective protectionism


The article researches the features of application of protectionist policy in countries with transition economy. The positive and negative consequences of protectionism are considered. It is defined the protectionism measures special increase during the aggravation of the crisis in the world economy. The arising contradictions in the practice of protectionist policy in some countries with transition economy are analyzed. The specific features and characteristics of protectionist measures in the Central and Eastern European Countries are highlighted. The article determines that it is sufficiently difficult to identify the density of the correlation between the level of economic growth and economic policy in the fields of restriction measures or liberalization, because of the large number of factors of internal and external influences. The issues of individual and collective protectionism are investigated. The features of the implementation of the collective protectionist policy on the example of the countries of the former Soviet Union are considered. A set of necessary conditions for effective application of protectionist policy measures in the countries with transition economy is determined.

Author Biography

Grygorii Shamborovskyi, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

PhD in Economics, Associate professor of Department of International Economic Relations


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