Social and political organization activities on the Crimean peninsula in the context of the formation of the pro-Russian sentiment among the youth (1993-2013)

Olga Gapeyeva


The article deals the activities of social and political organizations of pro-Russian direction on the Crimea peninsula. The author defines that under the banner of maintaining relations with compatriots and the preservation of social and cultural traditions, was carried out targeted information campaign on the formation of anti-Ukrainian sentiment among the youth.

Events on the Crimean peninsula, unfortunately, belong to insufficiently studied issues of recent history of Ukraine. Ukrainian historical opinion have demonstrated passivity on this issue and no sound labor opposed promotional products of famous Russian historians and historical schools.

Starting from the first day of the independence of Ukraine our "eastern neighbor" carried out targeted information pressing supported by numerous pro-Russian social organizations, which the peninsula has always been rich in. Types of propaganda rhetoric, methods and forms of action changed according to the political and military significance of events that took place.

Рro-Russian social organizations have organized different initiatives to involve youth organizations. For example, there is the observance of the military patriotic youth camp Donuzlav anti NATO.


Crimean peninsula; "Russian World Foundation"; the campaign "anti-NATO"; Russian Community of Crimea; Russian bloc; the Party of "Russian unity"


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