Investment and development of innovative economy of Ukraine: problems and prospects




investment, innovation, investment and innovation development, innovation policy


The basic obstacles for investment and innovation development of Ukraine. The level of compliance with international ratings innovative domestic economy. The experience of countries in implementing government policy innovation models and tools to support innovation.

In the current context of economic globalization and scientific and technological progress to support and ensure a high level of innovative activity of the national economy is one of the main priorities of the government domestic policies in many countries. The implementation of this priority task possible in the case of an innovative model of development of the national economy, which includes: a systematic and consistent implementation of modern achievements of scientific and technological activities, use of advanced organizational management and production systems for the creation and implementation of the global and domestic markets high-tech innovation with using high technologies in their respective competitive environments.

It should be noted that the main problem of innovative development of Ukraine, despite the presence of significant intellectual and resource potential, is the lack of an inability to form a mechanism that could combine existing resources and focus them on the most promising areas for the Ukrainian economy. In this regard, in terms of the national economy appropriate to apply the cluster approach in recent decades has been widely used in the world's leading economies made it possible to improve their performance and competitiveness.

Author Biography

Alla Stepanova, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor


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