Characteristics of research of efficiency of the enterprise activity




efficiency, industrial enterprise, development, strategic development, research efficiency


The aim of the research is to elaboration of the logic study of efficiency of the enterprise activity with considering the characteristic features of the modern business environment. The objectives of the study were: highlighted the characteristic features of the modern business environment, that influence on the efficiency of the enterprise activity; elaborated of the logic study of efficiency of the enterprise activity in development conditions.

In contrast to existing approaches, in the proposed logic study of efficiency of the enterprise activity the current efficiency of the company combined with the objectives of its strategic development. In these conditions of functioning is ensured the link between short-term and long-term objectives and features of the industrial enterprise management. The achievement of efficiency of activity in the short-term is a priority objective for the enterprise, which seeks to achieve a competitive advantage in the current difficult economic conditions and develop on a new foundation. Therefore ensuring and maintaining the efficiency of the enterprise activity is one of the conditions of implementation of the strategic objectives of industrial enterprise development, which should be introduced into practice of domestic enterprises.

The work presents characteristic features of the modern business environment. Among the characteristic features highlighted accounting of external economic conditions, the coordination of the vector and development goals with the efficiency level.

This will generate additional economic benefits, will increase the profitability level of functioning in the current and prospective periods and strengthen the competitiveness of industrial enterprises.

Author Biographies

Mykola Bilopolsky, Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Doctor of Economics, Professor, vice president

Dmytro Chigarev, Priazovsky State Technical University

postgraduate student


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