Prediction of sanitation health activities in Ukraine


  • Natalia Kovalenko Odessa national Academy of food technologies, Ukraine



resort, sanatorium sphere, therapeutic institutions, resort areas


The article analyzes the sanatorium activity of Ukraine. The attention is focused on the dual nature of the sanatorium activity in connection with its membership in the health care system and the tourism industry at the same time. It is noted that in recent years in sanatorium sphere dominated by reducing the number of agencies specializing in the recovery of the population decline in the quality and range of services provided, the number of human health. It is emphasized that in 2014 Ukraine has lost a significant part of the resort building, resulting in the annexation of the Crimea and the military operations in the east of the country. As a result, revenues generated from the provision of services and the number of rehabilitated citizens in 2014 decreased by half. Sanatorium sphere of Ukraine presented the activities of the various agencies with different sources of financing, method of placement of holidaymakers, the nomenclature of services, level and quality of service. It is noted that in the current circumstances, the most rapidly developing private institutions sanatorium activities that specialize in providing multi-disciplinary services. Create specialized SPA & Wellness-center with the large tourist complexes. The priority areas of health resort activities in the current environment should be the Carpathian region, Odessa, Kherson and Mykolaiv region. It should seek to develop a year-round resort, the best use of natural and recreational potential of regions of the country. As further directions of development proposed to reform the industry, in order to improve medical and diagnostic databases based on the latest developments in medicine and balneology, infrastructure development, improving the quality and range of services, efficiency and effectiveness.

Author Biography

Natalia Kovalenko, Odessa national Academy of food technologies

candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor of hotel and restaurant business


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