The fate of the urban intelligentsia during the troubles of 1917-1920 in Ukraine




National-democratic Revolution of 1917-1920 in Ukraine, urban population, daily life, social status, political choice, transformation of the social structure


The article comprehensively analyses the situation in which the educated strata of the urban population of Ukraine were during the Revolution and the civil war of 1917-1920. During the armed confrontation, the intelligentsia was between two hostile camps, and many of its members had difficulties with their final choice. The worsening of a financial position gradually led most of the categories of persons of mental work to a sharp reduction in social needs and expectations and as a result to the loss of social attributes of their group, both external and internal. Their political position often represents not a conscious decision on the basis of strong convictions, but series of random acts caused primarily by the task of physical survival. As a result, some of intelligentsia left the country, others agreed to cooperate with the winners, but the majority appeared in a state of "internal" emigration, keeping hope just to a transformation the Bolshevik regime.

Author Biography

Viacheslav Popov, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Kyiv

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Ukrainian Studies Department


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