Youth employment problems in labor market: comparative analysis of experience of Ukraine and the European Union




labor market, market mechanism, youth employment, economically active youth


The paper examines the problems of economic activity of youth and generalizes the ways of improving its employment rates in labor market of Ukraine, based on learning the experience of the European Union. A comparative analysis of the employment and unemployment rates of 15-24 year old young people in Ukraine and the EU shows that over 2000-2013 atrend was toward a larger number of economically active youth and its activation in labor market. The author points out the necessity of developing a regulation model for the domestic labor market, which would allow for three groups of measures aimed at promotion of youth employment, specifically: improvement of state regulation, encouragement of employers and educational institutions. According to the author, this would promote an effective use of the intellectual potential, business activity of youth, equal opportunities in labor market; development of youth entrepreneurship and creation of jobs; improvement of cooperation forms of employers, managers and graduates of higher educational institutions; strengthening of links between the educational system and labor market; dynamic vocational training and retraining of young people; upgrading quality of training of highly qualified specialists whose level of knowledge and skills will meet up-to-date requirements of labor market performance.

Author Biography

Grigorii Shtein

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Ph.D., Professor


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