Public utility economy of city agglomerations: features of functioning and vectors of development


  • Yelyzaveta Gradoboeva Institute of Economic and Legal Research under NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine



public utility economy, city, urban agglomeration, agglomeration effect, development, public utilities


The features of functioning the public utility economy city agglomerations are certain in the article. Competitive edges which are instrumental in activation of processes the reformation and development of sphere life-support are selected. It is thus marked that development of city agglomerations is an effective anticrisis instrument which allows to level and minimize the consequences of the crisis phenomena in the field of public utility economy, instrumental in activation of processes the reformation, restructuring and modernization public utility economy, due to displays economic (cost saving and reduction the risks joint projects of development) and social (to conditioning for satisfaction the demand of all categories users in public utilities high level quality, reliability, and in certain terms) constituents of sintering effect. Modern economic and legal problems, impedimental the use of present potential are communal infrastructure the city agglomerations of Ukraine, are generalized. The key trends the development of public utility economy city agglomerations are grounded, including: diminishing of prime price public utilities by diminishing of existent losses in the system warmly-, watersupply, introductions of energy keepings measures, realization of the proper, innovation and investment projects and use of mechanisms state private partnership in the infrastructural providing of public utility economy urban agglomerations, introduction of commercial account are thermal energy, water, creation of effective proprietor and use of modern forms the management in public utility economy.

Author Biography

Yelyzaveta Gradoboeva, Institute of Economic and Legal Research under NAS of Ukraine

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor, Senior Researcher of Department of Economic and Legal Problems of City-study 


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