Trends export of domestic products in the European Union and Customs Union: new opportunities for the economy of Ukraine




export potential of Ukraine's economy, species commodity structure, sector of the national economy, the countries of the Customs Union, the European Union, the cost of commodity products, FTA


The purpose of writing is to analyze the trends in exports of domestic goods and products to the European Union and the Customs Union at risk for the economy of Ukraine.

Theoretical and methodological basis for writing were the work of economists for trends in the export of domestic products to the European Union and Customs Union.

For writing used the following methods: monographic (the study of scientific publications on trends of the export policy in Ukraine), the method of system analysis (analysis of export products of various industries in the countries of the Customs Union and the European Union), the method of systematic approach (for production main directions of development of industries Ukraine during the political and financial-economic crisis in the economy).

Export of domestic products have been analyzed in terms of value and its share in the European Union and the Customs Union; The structure of merchandise exports Ukrainian products in industries of national economy in the European Union and the Customs Union and species export pattern of metallurgical, machine-building, agriculture, chemical industry, food industry and energy sector. The basic factors increasing the efficiency of farms which will improve the effectiveness of their operation.

Scientific novelty of research results is the author of best practices and justification of proposals on export growth to EU countries. This will provide new opportunities and benefits for the national economy after Ukraine and the FTA will increase the competitiveness of domestic producers.

The results of this paper are an important foundation to solve the increasing export potential products of several branches of the national economy in the European Union.

Author Biography

Irina Ivashkiv, Carpathian State Agricultural Experimental Station of the Institute of Agriculture Carpathian region NAAS, Ivano-Frankivsk

Candidate of economic sciences, senior researcher 


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