State financial resources of social development




management, budget, financial resources, social development


Problems of financial social resources management are considered. A model of interconnections of processes of financial provision of people's life sufficient level is proposed. It is identified that state budget is one of the main instruments of state regulation of economic processes of people's living quality provision.

Improving of state regulation by financial resources of social development conditions the following budgeting principals: optimization of budget with the aim of human's development is provided in the process of it's formation and confirmation. A procedure of preparing, regarding and accepting budget is set by law. In this context, the most important stage is accepting, publicity and availability of the document form legal basis of social choice and democratization of budget process; democratization of budget process is achieved by means of it's decentralization, while power organs of different level work out and legislative organs accept budgets. On the level of local self-governing it is possible to form budget corresponding to direct social choice and aims of human's development. At the same time, it is easier to control target means of local budget; decentralization of budget process is theoretically a condition of wellness general increase and it corresponds to the objectives of social development. Budget decentralization makes for achieving optimal condition, when every person, choosing place of residence and territorial budget policy, lives at the place where tax level corresponds to the level of the goods provided. The analysis of real conditions of development of Ukraine discloses high level of financial resources distribution by means of budget and state control over socio-economic processes. Today increase of the part of budget expenses to social measures is unacceptable for Ukraine according to the following reasons: social responsibilities in Ukraine exceed its financial abilities.

Author Biography

Svetlana Grinevskaya, Institute of the Economy of Industry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

PhD, Senior Scientific Worker


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