Theology and secularization: the paradox of Abelard




Abelard, theology, scholasticism, secularization, Christianity


The article presents an analysis of the teachings of Pierre Abelard from the point of view of how it affected the allocation of the secular spheres of knowledge from totally religious medieval discourse. Scholastic theology, the creator of which is Abelard, is considered as a specific result of philosophical thinking in the ultimate existential circumstances and the token secular shifts in medieval Christian culture.

The author traces the parallels in the personal fate of Abelard and his philosophical teaching, arguing that the thinker did not put secular philosophy above the creeds of the Church and obey the decisions of the Church even if they were contrary to his thinking. However, the progress of Abelard`s thought, his attempt to understand religious tradition, the sayings of the Church fathers and the question of the salvation of the pagan philosophers suggest that in the theology religion excels in a particular field, that can be the subject of discussion, not only the starting point for discourse.

Author Biography

Aleksandr Belokobylskiy, Ukrainian Institute of Global Strategies and Adaptation

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, head of department


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