Modern Ukrainian-Russian war: background and geopolitical dimension




geopolitical background, East Ukraine, Donetsk region, Russian aggression, Ukraine-Russian war, "Donetsk People's Republic"


The paper looks into the background and outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict in the east of Ukraine in 2014. The conditions of the emergence of this confrontation are identified and the leading role of Russia as the organizer and main originator of the war against Ukraine is demonstrated. The inadequate role of the West in countering the Russian aggression is pointed out.

The paper presents the chronicle of the "Russian Spring" from the early March 2014 to the end of this year. The influence of local and Russian propaganda on changes in awareness of regional dwellers is shown. The motivation of the President of Russia in committing the aggression upon Ukraine is identified. It is pointed out that to stop the war, consolidated countries of the West should turn to more radical means rather than economic sanctions against Russia.

Author Biography

Ihor Todorov, Uzhhorod National University

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor


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