Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky in Moscow (to the 150th anniversary of his birth)


  • Hryhoriy Serhiichuk Rylsky Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology оf the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine



Andrey Sheptytsky, Moscow, Russian Greek Catholic Church


The article tells about Andrey Sheptytsky relationships with the Greek Catholics of Moscow, its role in the approval of this religious denomination.

The second half of the nineteenth century the Russian Empire began to spread the movement by joining the Apostolic Vatican. Most consistently argued this line famous Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov. Acquainted with him at the end of1887 inMoscow, then a student of law Andrey Sheptytsky understood better his other concept, which began to implement after taking the throne of Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in L'viv. To this end it in 1908 with the blessing of the Pope visited St. Petersburg and Moscow, where he laid the foundation for future congregations of the Greek Catholic Church, and epistolary support their activities.

After his release from Russian prison in spring 1917 Metropolitan Sheptytsky Church planned to convene a Constituent Assembly of Russian Greek Catholic church in Moscow, in connection with which he arrived in the city May 15. However, through the work of the council at the Russian Orthodox Church was not possible to provide delegates housing, which forced organizers to move the gathering to Petrograd.

At the same time, while in Moscow for three days, Metropolitan Sheptytsky chance to see the Abrikosov's family, which worked devotedly for distribution in the union, visited the New Jerusalem Peter, Bishop of Smolensk, which was seen during the previous visit to the city in 1908, and substantively engaged in problem interned eastward Russian authorities Galician Greek Catholic priests and civilians.

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Hryhoriy Serhiichuk, Rylsky Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology оf the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

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