Background materials about the First Ukrainian Theater оf The Donbas - The All-Donbas State Ukrainian Drama Theater "Donderzhdrama"




Donbas, Ukrainian Drama Theater, history


The paper presents some pages of history of the First Ukrainian Theater of The Donbas - The All-Donbas State Ukrainian Drama Theater "Donderzhdrama". It covers its setting-up and operation milestones from the foundation in 1928 to 1935 when the Theater ceased to exist while merging with Artem Ukrainian Mobile Theater, based in Artemivsk.

The author draws a conclusion that Donderzhdrama is the first independent Ukrainian theater in the Donbas rather than a branch of Franko Theater. From its foundation in 1928 the Theater was based in the city of Stalino, having no permanent premises. It also faced such great problems as lack of funds and a clean-cut repertory plan as well as actors' turnover. Recollections about the operation in Stalino date back to only 1928 and 1929. In 1930-1934 the Theater performed outside Stalino, touring cities of the region and Ukraine. It is acknowledged that there are no archive documents regarding the setting up of Donderzhdrama as the first Ukrainian stationary theater of the Donbas. The Donderzhdrama staff comprised such actors as P. Poliova, R. Raisova, P. Shenchenko, L. Usatenko, D.I. Zhukov, Y. Khutorna, D. Gaidamaka, I. Avdienko, N. Reiska, Y. Shostakivska, O. Gorska, L. Zadniprovskyi, N. Bilodidova, stage directors Tetentiev, D. Shkliarskyi, Y. Shneiderman et al. In 1928 Donderzhdrama was headed by Stage Director D.I. Shkliarskyi. In 1931 Maria Adamska, a future Distinguished Artist of Ukraine, who was 15 at the time, embarked upon her creative career at the Theater. The Theater repertory included such plays as I. Mykytenko's "Personnel", Kirshon's "Humming Rails", Dniprovskyi's "Apple Captivity", Kulish's "Myna Mazalo", "First Horse Army", "Mine "Maria", "Street of My Joy", "Squadron Ruin", "My Friend" and others.

Author Biography

Tamara Pishvanova, Museum Reserves of Donetsk Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater (up to 2014)

Historian, Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Manager 


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