Crisis, war or conflict - how to correctly named the events in Eastern Ukraine?




Eastern Ukraine, crisis, war, hybrid war, aggression, conflict.


The article deals with the most frequently used in journalism concepts, claiming to be a generalized name of the events taking place in Eastern Ukraine. We analyze the concept of "crisis", "war", "hybrid war", "aggression", "conflict". It is provedthat, given the factors of internal division and external aggression hybrid nature of most correct to use the category of "conflict". This will allow the use of the potential conflictological paradigm of modern sociology and clarify objectives and means, subjects and objects of the East Ukrainian conflict. In this case, depending on the level (local, national, civilizational, global) one and same social communities, groups, institutions and persons can act as subjects and as objects of conflict.

Author Biography

Roman Dodonov, Donetsk National University

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Acting Head of Philosophy Department


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