Main approaches to definition of concept 'conflict'




conflict, contradiction, crisis, political conflict, approaches.


The paper looks into a theoretical aspect of conflict definition: the main theoretical approaches to definition of the concept 'conflict' are identified, different definitions of the above concept reviewed, specifically those offered by Y. Matsievskii, D. Feldman, Y. Stepanov, V. Andreiev, D. Dzvinchuk, A. Lypnytskii and other researchers.

The difference between the concepts of 'contradiction', 'crisis' and 'conflict' is shown. It is demonstrated that the conflict is always rooted in disagreement or contradiction. The conflict may be resolved through settlement of discord and discrepancy or escalate into an open clash or violent fight.

Complexity and versatility of the phenomenon of conflict encourage its further research. And today of primary topicality is examination of the conflict in the Donbas.

Author Biography

Hanna Zhekalo, V. Stefanyk Ciscarpathian National University

Graduate student of the Political Science Department


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