Identification of risks in financial management system enterprise security




risks, financial security, management, forecasting


The paper substantiates the necessity of using modern approaches to identification of risks in a financial security management system of a company.

Organization of the company financial security management system requires a continuous analysis of large volumes of information, which ensure taking and implementation of specific management decisions. In the context of risk situations which have to be addressed mostly when studying financial security factors of a company, there arises an issue of risk analysis and interpretation. Qualitative interpretation of risks in a decision-making support system ensures an effective risk management under dynamically changing conditions.

In the decision-making theory, the choice under risk and uncertainty requires the alignment of the original management task to some basic representation. The paper deals with application of these basic requirements to the task of indicative financial security management of industrial enterprises.

To improve the efficiency of the company financial security, it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of information support processes used in developing and taking decisions. To this end, the paper offers a mechanism for identification of risk situations within the infological decision-making model.

It is intended to classify states in the company financial security management system by using the fuzzy-set theory, which will allow taking into account different basic strategies manifested in the development of real processes in the company financial security management system.

To identify fuzzy states in the company financial security management system, an indicator base was developed, which is supported by performance data of a number of enterprises.

Application of the fuzzy-set model of the classification of states in the company financial security management system allowed to obtain more realistic information demonstrating the development of the company financial situation.

Author Biography

Valentyna Khrapkina, Makeyevka Institute of Economics and Humanities

Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor


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