Protection of national interests of Poland in the field of security during the post-soviet period of 1991-2011




the Republic of Poland, military policy, geopolitical choice, security and defence strategy


The paper deals with the geopolitical choice of the Republic of Poland during the post-Soviet period. The main attention is focused on the national military policy over 1991-2011. The structure and powers of security and defense governmental departments - the President, Popular Assemblies (the Sejm and Senate) - are examined. The results of electoral preferences at Parliamentary and Presidential elections are chronologically presented. The first defence doctrine of Poland of 1993 and its revolutionary nature as well as the defence doctrine of 1993 are described. The implementation process of the national interest protection through the instrument of foreign policy is shown, specifically through the European integration and accession to the NATO military and political bloc. Interrelations with the European neighboring countries and a strategic partner - the USA within the military cooperation and economics are analyzed. The 'cold' international relations with the Russian Federation are pointed out.

The Security Strategy and the basics of the Polish strategic defence of 2000 after accession of the country to the North Atlantic Alliance are examined and the main priorities in the then military policy are identified. The new National Security Strategy of 2003, adopted after the al-Qaeda terrorist acts against the USA in 2001, is looked into. The role and position of the Republic of Poland in the NATO, its willingness to establish a joint European security system as a complementary element of the global system are indicated. The economic and political benefits of the NATO and EU memberships are emphasized.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and their services are described. Economic steps of the Polish government over the recent 20 years, aimed at stabilization of its development and sustainable social policy, are analyzed. The main geopolitical conception of Poland is reviewed, which implies an active foreign policy in the East.

Author Biography

Bogdan Levyk, Lviv Polytechnic National University

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Chief Research Officer


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