Ukraine: birth or awakening the subject of history




subject of history, Ukrainian nation, Catholic Rus, Rus, East Ukrainian conflict.


This paper is an attempt to see the modern East-Ukrainian conflict not as a confrontation between the West and Russia or internal civil conflict, but on the basis of Ukraine itself, from the specifics, patterns of development of Ukrainian history, its internal determinants and its place in the history of European (Christian) civilization, through the attempt to trace from the Kievan Rus to Kyiv Maidans of XXI century historical unity of action, a single historical subjectivity Ukrainian (rus, ruthenian) culture. Ukraine (Rus) appears as a kind of alternative version to the Moscow Old Rus tradition, which has the same right to present a tradition rooted in Kievan Rus, as Moscow one. Thus, there is a need to look at the conflict in the East of Ukraine through the prism of politics or geopolitics, but the longue dure, that is, to understand it in terms of philosophy of history and philosophy of culture, perhaps even ontology of culture. Like the conflict between two versions of evolution, versions of interpretation of the same tradition.

Author Biography

Taras Moshovskyy, Український інститут стратегій глобального розвитку і адаптації

PhD, Master of Religious Studies


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