European strategic culture and security challenges for Ukraine




стратегічна культура, безпекова парадигма, політика безпеки.


The article analyzed the basic principles and factors of strategic culture, the main features of European strategic behavior. Examined and described components of the Ukrainian strategic culture. The author concludes that the main problem of forming Ukrainian strategic culture is lack of primary components of strategic military and political paradigms. That's why the state security policy, institutional frameworks, and decisions process are not reflect to the national interest and can't be effective.

Ukrainian strategic culture defined as a set of interrelated elements of the national political culture, behavior and decisions of the elite, aims to preserve the territorial integrity, values and social cohesion and focused on factors affecting the process of its formation.

The EU geostrategic culture also must accept challenge of the international security and continue to develop security and defense policy, simultaneously recognize Ukraine strategic culture as the part of the European, transatlantic ideology civilization.

Author Biography

Natalya Kryvoruchko, postgraduate student of International Relations Department, master's degree

Vasyl Stefanyk National University of Precarpathia, Centre Eastern European Studies, Warsaw University


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