Information support to balanced development management of the life support system of population at the microlevel




tariff-setting costs, forecasting, dynamic model, trend models, seasonality


The paper reviews primary needs for and directions of reforming the branches forming the basis of the life support system of population. It has been established that legislators included innovation and investment aspects in such directions. Based on the analysis of financial activities of companies in the field under consideration, a conclusion was drawn on the lack of internal funds for carrying out such reforms and securing a balanced development of the system. It was therefore proposed to improve the current tariff-setting system. Proceeding from the established dependence of tariff-setting costs on various factors, including currency rates and the time factor, some dynamic models were developed, which make a set of information support models. The above set of models is proposed to be used for forecasting tariff-setting costs in the managerial decision-making process within the framework of cost and tariff management.

Author Biography

Yaroslav Liashok, Krasnoarmііsk Industrial Institute at Donetsk National Technical University

Cand. Sc. Engineering, Director


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