Politics and political: Gemeischaft and Geselschaft





politics, political, Gemeinschaft, Gesellschaft, Dasein, collective unconscious.


My paper is connected with issue of the clashes and interrelation between Gemeishaft (community) and Geselshaft (society). I actualize the controversy between two notions and their subsidiarity. In this context the focus of Gemeischaft is not so much connected with social entity but rather with the notion of Dasein. I focus on the phenomenon of policy as the foundation of the paradigmatic changes in Gemeinschaft (community). It is evident that semantic and semiotic constellation of social being or ethos, society as well as the communities are deeply rooted within ontological archetype of collective unconsciousness. This archetype represents the phenomenon of objectivity as the cosmic order and the manifestation of policy . Namely the phenomenon of policy is the imperative and the foundation for any communities and societies. The changes within archetypes are not correlated with the will of peoples, monarchs, political actors or society as a whole. At the same time the determination of political life within society does not depend from politics and policy. It is evident that between policy and politics exist the separation and indirect links. We can observe the attributes of politics as the embodiment of two segments: geographical space and the area of notions Topos and Nomos. It appears as the quintessence of transcendental imperatives.

Author Biography

Ihor Pasko, Donetsk branch of the Center of Humanitarian Education Sciences of Ukraine

PhD, Professor, Director


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