Interpretations of the concept of faith in modern Catholic theology




Catholic theology, faith, metaphysics


The paper identifies consistent interpretations of the phenomenon of faith, based on learning of the most influential paradigms in modern Catholic theology. It is indicated in particular that Catholic theology of the 19th-early 21st centuries developed a metaphysical concept of faith as acceptance of dogmatic theology theses by mind. All scientific and philosophical rationality has then reduced to judicious metaphysics, whereas the possibility of intuitive or personalistic interpretations of faith was denied. Since the mid-20th century those metaphysical provisions on rationality and faith have been existentially interpreted, which was particularly brilliantly done by Pope John Paul Pavel II in the encyclopedia 'Fidesetrati'.

Pope John Paul Pavel II held to a pre-modern concept of faith but introduced existential motives to his concept for the sake of a new proof of metaphysical concepts of faith, rationality and a path to know God. At the same time, Pope tended to pass on to a new paradigm, a pre-postmetaphysic and postmodern dialogical concept of faith, which was however completely shaped in creativity of another Catholic theologian - H.U. von Balthasar and within transcendental Thomism of K. Rahner.

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Tetiana Levchenko, National University of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine, Irpin

Senior Lecturer 


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