The role of financial monitoring in the system of financial control




financial monitoring, financial control, financial monitoring entities, the amount of the financial transactions


Financial monitoring is considered as a special method of financial control that sets it apart from previously published works of Ukrainian scientists. The above analysis of the main indicators of financial monitoring entities, including special executive authorities in combating legalization (laundering) of money from crime - State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine in comparison with the figures of the State Fiscal Service and the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, led to the conclusion about its essential role in combating of illegal financial transactions. It is also proved that the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine may serve as controlling authority in the state financial control for initial financial monitoring subjects.

In addition, its role is to empower the national economy at the expense of capital, which (because of financial monitoring by terminating their outflow abroad) remain in Ukraine and increasing thus the volume of revenues to budgets of different levels and targeted at providing social needs of the population.

The importance of financial monitoring confirmed by the Law of Ukraine "On prevention of legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime, terrorist financing and financing of weapons of mass destruction", which (to replace the current law) will become effective on February 7, 2015. The law has special importance to application of economic methods and techniques as tracking, monitoring and analysis, and coordination of all public bodies engaged in the study area.

Author Biography

Alla Khmeliuk, National University of State tax service of Ukraine, Irpin

postgraduate student of the Department of banking and financial monitoring


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