The role of the process of religion mediatization in social and political processes of our time




religion and politics, Ukrainian Orthodoxy, mediatization


The author analyzes the issue of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church split with emphasis on a political component of this process. Relevance of the chosen topic caused by social and political events in Ukraine, which marked a new wave of debates and discussions regarding relationships of most numerous Ukrainian Orthodox Churches (UOC, UOC KP and UAOC) and their possible association.

The coexistence of three Orthodox jurisdictions may well be seen as an integral part of the functioning of a secular state, while in the case of Ukraine it has become one of the major problems to solve in the process of the state formation. The article analyzes these issues in religious keys with the principles of objectivity, detachment from any confession and tolerance

The theoretical basis of the study were the works of famous Ukrainian researchers: V. Bondarenko, V. Yelenskyi, S. Zdioruk, V. Klimov and A. Kolodny, who were examining in their studies the split of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, history of further relationships of Orthodox churches in Ukraine, ideas of connection of national revival and the creation of national autocephalous Orthodox Church and political events in the country as a whole.

As a result of research the author concludes that in the context of current social and political events in Ukraine, the process of mediatization of religious sphere (perception by society of the orthodox conflict through the prism of the media), civilizational split (socio-cultural division of the state), politicization of the sphere of religion, the issue of Ukrainian Orthodox Church split and attempts of unification of these Churches have gained mass public discussion. By linking this situation, among other things, with the process of mediatization, which is being strongly represented in the religious sphere, author creates conditions for public discussion of this issue.

The combination of these factors does not contribute to the solution of inter-church conflict, but rather enhances it further. The author stresses the need to address this issue solely by religious organizations representatives, since we know from the history the negative consequences of intervention in these processes of secular persons.

Author Biography

Oksana Zadoianchuk, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Postgraduate of Religion study Department


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