The axiological approach to Ukrainian-Turk relations




relationships, values, civilizational values, "marriage market", interethnic marriages, bilingual family


A problem of the system of values becomes more an actual in terms of the ideological crisis of society. Instability of human development, which caused by the crisis state of society is generates instability and in the institution of marriage. Outstanding issues are - the instability of marriage and a high divorce rate, one-child family. Ukraine takes the third place divorce among European countries. The way out of this situation could be change of paradigm values, by borrowing from Turkic social culture of moral and family values, and bringing them into a society that "sick" cult of consumption.

The phenomenon of ethnic family should be defined as a step towards integration into the global society. Becomes important study of the functioning of inter-ethnic families, so it will be necessary to find out which mark applied to the institute Ukrainian marriage value system Turkic ethnic social groups, to identify the factors that contribute to the dynamics of ethno symbiotic relationship.

Author Biography

Nina Bilokopytova, Zaporizhzhya National University

PhD student at the Department of Philosophy


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