Conceptual basics of formation of the system of strategic management of the enterprise development




concept, empirical base, theoretical base, methodological base, industrial enterprise, development control system


The aim of the research is to ground the conceptual basics of formation of the system of strategic management of industrial enterprises development. The developed concept of formation of this system consists of empirical, theoretical and methodological bases. These concept elements must generate practical value of the research theory. The empirical base generalizes the existing experience of solving the managerial problems and development of enterprises in the sphere of study of such objects as the system, approaches to management, development, management, strategic management. The theoretical base of the concept includes aims, tasks and functions of formation of the management system; the object, subject and object-matter of formation as well as the complex of formulated notions. The methodological base examines the questions of methodology basics, characteristics of management system, its logical and time structure. The work grounds the use of the systematic approach to the management of economic and financial-economic processes; this allows one to realize the priority aims of an industrial enterprise development. The main idea of the suggested concept realization is in the ability to resist the destabilizing influence of the business surroundings. This is achieved due to the connection of the key aspects of activity stabilization (production, realization, financial state, resource state) and external influence factors into one management system. At this cooperation, coordination, conformity and timeliness of correction of managerial decisions are exercised.

Author Biography

Viktoriya Kharchenko, Donetsk National Technical University

Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor


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