Restructuring of coal mines: social and psychological aspects




restructuring, mines, behavioral changes, job satisfaction, management style, psychological climate


The paper deals with social and psychological aspects of the restructuring process of coal mines in the Donbass. Statistic data on the coal industry situation, which are cited, confirm recessionary phenomena in all groups of mines: promising and potentially promising collieries, mines that develop the remaining reserves, mothballed facilities or those under closure.

The restructuring process implies a number of organizations changes. The paper reviews three methodological approaches suggested by I. Ansoff: structural, technological and behavioral (social and psychological). Routine methods used to introduce behavioral changes are: formation of groups, sensitivity training and staff interaction analysis. Their application in mine operation allows determining impacts of such factors as job satisfaction, management style, psychological climate etc.

Results of the research conducted indicate that job satisfaction depends on working conditions and a system of effective labor safety. Mechanization and automation of production processes, introduction of innovative coal production processes allow to improve social and economic performance. A key social result is improvement of labor conditions. However, natural mining and geological conditions of coal seam deposits and production methods do not yet make it possible to eliminate occupational hazards and risks in full. It has been established that under accidental working conditions the share of workers dissatisfied with job conditions is 56%, it has been also proved that there is a relationship between the degree of job satisfaction and the number of injuries in a production face.

Workers were polled to assess the improvement of labor conditions and material consideration. The assessment shows that employees' views of scaling up wages and better working conditions change, depending on their age.

To determine the management style of mine administrations, a special questionnaire was developed, which contains 40 questions-affirmations. The following staff was polled: Chief Engineer, Safety Deputy Chief Engineer, Chief Mechanic, Head of a Labor and Wages Department, Head of a Coal Production Unit and Foreman of a Roadway Maintenance and Recovery Unit. The data obtained were processed with computational and graphical methods. An analysis of the results indicates that most managers feature an 'average' management style. Specific recommendations are offered to improve it.

Author Biography

Iryna Sapytska, Donetsk National University

Candidate of Engineering Science, Assistant Professor 


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