Evaluation of structure and dynamics of light industry enterprises in Ukraine





investments, production, light industry


The paper reviews the dynamics and structure of light industry enterprises in Ukraine.

The following general features of light industry enterprises are identified: common economic application of products i.e. production of consumer goods for meeting direct needs of population; homogeneity of materials and raw materials used for production of goods of the industry; common physical infrastructure and engineering processes for production of consumer goods; peculiar occupational structure of labor; specificity of location and development.

The author believes that the major difficulty in the operation of the enterprises under review is the lack of a common strategy for development of the light industry of Ukraine, looks into the up trends of production volumes, identifies causes of the decline in production of light industry goods and offers some directions for improvement of the dynamics and structure of the national light industry.

The author proposes the following long-run objectives within the strategic development plan of enterprises of the domestic light industry: development of the raw material base owing to advanced processing of flax and raw hide as well as gradual reduction and disuse of give and take schemes in provision of raw materials for production; reconstruction and technical re-equipment of enterprises while creating conditions for vertical integration of production, including recruitment of foreign investments and technologies; development of an environment for introduction of resource-saving technologies; structure optimization of large and small companies to enhance competitiveness and flexibility of production; development of a system for protection of the domestic market (including protection against clandestine importation of goods and shadow production) and promotion of the national producer; development of a market promotion network.

Author Biography

Julia Nefiodova, M. Tugan-Baranovski National Economics and Trade University of Donetsk

Ph.D. in Economics, Assistant Professor of the Investment Management Department


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