Socio-philosophical views of Jonathan Swift (for example, "A Tale of a Tub")




Jonathan Swift, socio-philosophical and protosociological abstracts of thinker


In this article the author analyzes the work of "A Tale of a Tub" by Jonathan Swift, emphasizing the socio-philosophical and protosociological abstracts of thinker. But it concludes that Jonathan Swift is not only a famous writer, but also an original philosopher of the Enlightenment ironic, which satirical works include items of interest to modern researchers and in many ways similar to modern realities.

The special interest, as for the author, represent Swift's views about how distracting people's attention from internal problems of the state; political agitation and its artificial amplification using the arts; causes of military conquest territory of other countries; depersonalized of social relations and the essence of social status of individuals.

The author concludes that the inclusion of Jonathan Swift's person in the course of teaching "Philosophy" and "History of Philosophy" in Ukrainian universities is necessary.

Author Biography

Vitaliy Biletskyy, Donetsk National University

PhD, Associate Professor


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