Artistic amateurism as the culturally creative phenomenon: historical dynamics features




amateur performances, official amateur composer movement of Donbass, dilettantism, lower forms of Culture


This paper highlights the social and historical features of the artistic amateurism and the performances development as the important areas of the culture. The culture occasionally rebuilding their value floors of high and low, significant and trivial, regular and random, and approval of any of its "official" layers inevitably raises its informal alternative cultural oppositions. Marked play nature of the phenomenon, where the entertainment and educational principles are inseparable and creatively coexist.

Amateur layer in the cultural history constantly exposed to significantly different transformations. Various historical (and national) culture types, in terms of special interlacement of real and mythopoetic create their own models of professional and amateur, formal and informal. There is an extremely role of the City for the development of the amateur art as special spatial and social and cultural environment.

As a natural consequence of the formation of the New Age paradigm (with the experiment and novelty as a major spiritual values) is considered the gradual spread of the phenomenon of amateurism, that last but not the least leads to unexpected, paradoxical creative solutions.

One of the sources of the study of the artistic amateurism phenomenon serves the regional amateur composer movement of the Donetsk Region, created during the Soviet times. Low regional amateur creative movement had to become an important part of the new ideological consciousness of the human and society. Formation of a new ("official") cultural identity - "the Soviet man" was to be firmly entrenched at all levels of the national artistic and creative space. The art amateurism originally responded to the social need of the creation of the universal ("nationwide") language of the culture. So, naturally embodied paradigm for the Soviet culture idea of the equality, unity, co-creation of representatives of various social groups, professions, different degrees of the technical preparedness of the author.

Especially important, in our view, creative amateur association makes them local, regional scale. It is within its "generic" regional field its "artificially natural' art phenomenon has become the part of the art of the living culturally creative process. Organized artistic amateurism gets a typical product of the culture of the Soviet times, has incorporated all its inconsistency: awakened artistic energy "of the broad masses of the people" under the odious ideological influence was cast in certain visual and demonstrative forms. Thus, the local composer amateur traditions, one of which was Donbas, was tasked to create a holistic, mythopoetic image "of its regional home."

There are currently deprived of the former official, institutional support, as formally free, amateur movement goes back into the shadows, to the periphery of the culture, searching new, appropriate to its time, forms of the existence.

Author Biography

Ganna Agarkova, Economics and Humanities Institute in Makiyivka

Cultural Studies Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Sociology 


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