At the Intersection of Psychology, Phenomenology, Logic and Metaphysics: Philosophical Work of Alexius Meinong

Vira Dubinina


The paper focuses on the philosophic evolution of Alexius Meinong. Analyzing the ways of genesis of the Austrian philosopher, the author comes to conclusion about an inter-boundary character of Meinong’s philosophical conception that finds its place at the intersection of psychology, phenomenology, logic and metaphysics, however managing to keep its autonomy. Such an inter-boundary position and a certain distance from the mainstreams of knowledge enable him to actualize new philosophical questions and discover new ways to investigate the objects that previously, due to different reasons, were believed to be unknowable.


Alexius Meinong; Gegenstandstheorie; hermeneutics; history of philosophy; noneism; Sosein; theory of objects

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