Soviet propaganda among own troops on the eve of the Red Army entering the territory of European countries (the latter half of 1944)




Red Army, host country, foreign contingents, propaganda, moral and psychological state of troops


The paper analyzes the content of Soviet propaganda and agitation used in working with the Red Army personnel in the European theater of military operations at the final stage of World War II. The author identifies the interdependence between the ideological work among the Soviet troops and political relations of the USSR with the European countries which the Red Army planned to enter and with guideline documents on organization and carrying out of outreach activities. It is demonstrated that the communications work ensured an appropriate moral and psychological state of Red Army soldiers and officers, contributed to establishment of adequate interrelations with local communities of foreign countries, allies in arms of other nationalities and military units of European countries. For the sake of objectivity in treating this issue, however, it should be pointed out that there were some cases of pillage, moral and physical humiliation of inhabitants of the 'liberated' countries. Their repercussions adversely affected the postwar image of the Soviet Union and dwell within the hearts of contemporaries.

It is concluded that during the work of Soviet propagandists on the eve of the Red Army entering the territory of European countries the genetic patriotism inherent in any person in circumstances which threaten his or her life, existence of his or her family and Motherland was developing into the patriotism with notes of political understanding of the goals of the Soviet Union in the European theater of military operations.

Author Biography

Olesia Kutska, Academy tactics department, Lviv

candidate of historical sciences, assistant professor, assistant professor of Army 


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