A comprehensive analysis of the principles and conditions governance in public-private partnerships

Natalia Sklyaruk


Public-private partnership is one of the most effective forms of cooperation between public authorities and local self-government with the business in order to solve an important social and economic problems of the municipalities. International practice of interaction between government and the private sector shows that the realization of such projects allows to improve the quality and efficiency of public services, contributes to the modernization and development of socially important infrastructure facilities, stimulate the development of business activity.

The necessity of the using of public-private partnerships for providing sustainable development of the territories is grounded in the article. The principles of effective management in public-private partnerships are analyzed in different countries and in Ukraine. Priority tasks and barriers to the development of PPP in Ukraine are determined. It was revealed that key factors of effective interaction between government and private business is the availability of appropriate legal and regulatory framework, financial support for the development of PPP, the formation of the institutional structure of the PPP, human resources development of PPP.


public-private partnerships; PPP projects; effective management of PPP projects


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