Becoming of corporate social responsibility of business: stages and role of regional management

Olesya Pidlypaeva


Corporate social responsibility of business is a prerequisite for sustainable development. In implementing the functions of states, regional and municipal management development of corporate social responsibility is one of the most priority targets. Attraction of investment from the business is inevitable for the administrations at the regional level, especially in the conditions of insufficient funding from the state. The article defines the conditions in which corporate responsibility of business in Ukraine and the basic formation stages of CSR were formed. The main characteristic and projects which were implemented in identified stages. The role of regional and municipal authorities in the system of the national strategy of corporate responsibility, and the model of interaction between authorities and business is described. The main priorities of the strategy of social and economic development of the Donetsk region are characterized. The necessity of the creation of a regional development strategy of social responsibility is justified. The article also determines the major advantages and benefits for the authorities at regional, municipal and business level in general.


сorporate social responsibility; regional management; national strategy


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