Conceptualization of nomadism and sedentarism in hyphspace: modern socio-cultural discourse




nomads, neonomads, hypernomads, infra-nomads, sedentaries (settled / agrots), hyperclass, discourse, nomadic practices, hyphspace


The article deals with the etymological component of the concepts of “nomads”, “neomonads”, “hypernomads”, “infra-nomads”, “sedentaries”, “settled” and “agrots”. It has been found out that neomonads and hypernomads will occupy a privileged position in society (the hyperclass - by Jacques Attali). It has been proved that “infra-nomads”, “sedentaries”, “agrots” and “settled”, that is, people who are known to be as rooted but drifting, “re-territorizing” the environment, are constantly striving to achieve the status of neomads through developing and using nomadic practices. The term “sedentaries” is explained to include “settled” and “agrots”, representatives of the agricultural sector of economy. The author has studied nomadic practices of representatives of the middle class of the social ladder (nomads and sedentaries). It has been concluded that the formation of consciousness inherent in neomonads appears to be a complex, long-lasting and multifaceted process regarding nomads and sedentaries. A society developing in hyphspace must necessarily include both nomads and sedentaries, which will constantly be striving to reach the status of neomonads in order to survive.

Author Biography

Inna Knysh, National Pedagogical Drahomanov University, Kyiv

Doctoral Researcher of the Department of Management and Innovative Technologies of Socio-Cultural Activity


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