Moral challenges of Ukrainian post-secular society: social and value worth of tolerance




tolerance, respect for other, ressentiment, “morality of a slave and aristocrat”, Christian ethics, post-secularity


The moral and ethical situation in Ukraine is considered in an issue in the light of analysis of the realities which characterize the modern social, cultural and spiritual reality. Having concluded that the main right of any person is a right to own dignity, an author highlights that the realization of respect for Other is a problem for modern Ukraine which demands an urgent solution. A characteristic of presented in Ukrainian’s society systems of “deeds” and “choices” is provided in the issue for determination of the key research arguments. The systems give the essential meanings to “good” and “evil” definitions on the way of highlighting some axiological vectors for imbalance correction that characterize Ukrainian social, cultural and spiritual realities. The methodological coordinate system of an issue refers to the elements of Fr. Nietzsche’s work which is used for reality peculiarities’ definition, and to the ethical system of Christian guidelines which are noted for ideas’ expressiveness under current tradition. An author appeals to Ch. Taylor’s studies for a search of crucial ethical ideas, which are able to harmonize the relationships with Others within a country as well as beyond it. Due to the author a way of positive realities transformation (in moral, spiritual, social and civil directions) in Ukraine consists in deliberate wish to overcome the stereotypes of slave morality (when everyone is a “threat” for everybody) and change the system of actions depended on such type of morality. That required the true community work in a direction of national intellectual enrichment, national spiritual development according to the system of educational and cultural initiatives.

Author Biography

Iryna Horokholinska, Chernivtsi National University named after Yuriy Fedkovych

Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies, Religious Studies and Theology


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