The specificity sociocultural mechanism of reproduction South Korean sociality


  • Igor Semenyuk Classic Private University, Zaporizhia, Ukraine



mentality, social values, social and cultural mechanism, a South Korean sociality, customs, rituals, pragmatism, business language, business communication


The study examines some of the factors of socio-cultural mechanism, playback of South Korean society, namely: social values, mentality, business etiquette and language of business communication. It is proved that South Korean society hierarchical and authoritarian. The increasing role of South Korean society in the development of the globalization of world coordinates, causing interest in the mechanisms of reproduction of social and cultural component of South Korean society, which is today a fruitful field for socio-philosophical analysis of social and cultural thought. Sociocultural approach involves an analysis of the functions and structures, and structural functionalism includes culture as one of the most important structures (though it functions more local). Both serve as concrete forms systemic approach, expressing particular social (cultural) objects.

South Korean society failed to preserve their national identity and bring the Korean cultural tradition, the new and modern sense. In today's South Korean society, the widespread tendency of cultivation and underscores cultural mechanisms of traditional motifs playing their sociality. Human behavior, as part of the South Korean sociality must conform to the natural order, and in public relations to the forefront the idea of coherence and harmony.

After analyzing the specific socio-cultural reproduction mechanism mention South Korean society Korean commitment to Confucian ethics of preaching diligence, thirst for education, discipline, respect for elders, worship health, business communication and others. Analysis of deep historical and enduring social value structures, the South Korean sociality, their national archetypes determine certain characteristics of social reproduction South Korean in a single global space is fully used today, government and business to develop and promote South Korean society in the modern world of globalization coordinates.

Author Biography

Igor Semenyuk, Classic Private University, Zaporizhia

Candidate of Philosophy, Assistant Professor of the Humanitarian Disciplines Department



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